FBM (Franco Baglioni Motors) was created to realize a dream that Franco Baglioni and Vittoriano Orazi, two guys mad for mini-bikes, have had in their mind since 1990

Vittoriano Orazi, creator of “Vittorazi Racing”, was the one who brought mini-bikes – a small vehicle on 2 wheels driven by a little engine derived from industrial production - in Italy for the first time: in few years this idea became a competition category, and it has been, it is and it will be a school for a lot of people in order to jump in the world of on 2 wheels. Several motorcycle champions of today had a ride on the famous Vittorazi.

Franco Baglioni dedicated his whole life to mechanics: employed for 40 years as technical specialist for hyper compressors (3000 bar) but with a great passion for motorcycles since he was a child, during the 60’s he moved his first steps in uprating the famous “Motom 50 sport”; up to entering in a strict cooperation with Vittorazi at the very beginning of the 90’s. After the creation of the “Disk clutch” and the two-stroke engine with “rotating disk feeder”, the desire for a new challenge came to his mind: a four-stroke engine specifically studied for mini-bikes. In short term the dream came to reality and in 1992 the first prototype “four-stroke/two-shaft” enginewas presented at the Italian Motor Show in Bologna.

Unfortunately this project has been frozen for several years due to some unlucky events like the death of Vittoriano, and only thanks to Franco’s strong determination we can hear today the roar of  PETRA 906 (brand new mini-bike with four-stroke engine).

FBM wishes to thank all friends, all fans and all those who made this project possible, and wants to dedicate all of this to Vittoriano as a symbol of friendship: we will keep him in our hearts forever.